Honesty and openesss, candid, open and accurate our personnel are able and willing to share their experiences.We provide powerful realism to a diverse range of trauma scenarios, allowing essential techniques to become innate and instinctive when transferred to the field.The capacity of a person to adapt to a traumatic situation depends on personal disposition and training.We provide high-fidelity live simulations, enabling military and medical personnel to treat and package a casualty through ITS roles 1–3, ultimately providing accurate assessment of likely performance in the field.Trauma Amputee Simulation significantly contributes to improved performance in the treatment of catastrophic injuries in the field and has influenced the unexpected survival of casualties.Our SFX team don’t just replicate catastrophic injury amputations – we simulate any injury on both amputee and able body personnel, including head and facial wounds, eviscerated abdomens, surgical emphysema and groin wounds.We offer a multi-level bespoke service, from candid exposure to trauma and Buddy Care treatment at point of wounding, to multi-casualty simulations involving the entire Integrated Trauma System.De-sensitising, reassuring and realistic, the use of our personnel on exercises provides a invaluable depth an of understanding and knowledge.Injury replication can provide for scenarios ranging from IED, ballistic penetrating wounds, burns, blasts and ultimtely trauma amputations.Most of our personnel have lost limbs as a direct result of trauma during action, and – unlike actors or dummies – are able to offer experienced insight, as well as physical realism.We research and recreate the latest field injury trends, and listen to client feedback to develop new techniques to enable more tasks to be undertaken on the casualty, such as cannulation, packing out and cricothyrotomy.We are committed to integrity and realism. Our personnel remain in character throughout, and on-casualty interventions ensure an exposure to trauma that is as good as real.Working with you on exercise, from point of injury to packaging, throughs roles 1-4We believe that better practice makes better performance, and it’s this performance that will lead to more effective treatment from point of wounding to receiving critical care in the UK.

De-sensitising, integrated & life saving your exercises as they should be...

Caution: Contains Graphic Scenes – Our Realism is your Strength

Working with Amputees in Action has been brilliant for me. It’s great to work for a company that need you for your disability, has been a real confidence builder and would be for anyone in my position. It’s the company you never thought existed, great to work for and great to work with. Whether I’m in a field or on a film set its bloody LIMBLESS fun.

Stephen Bunce, Amputee Artist